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Aug 242008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Anyone who has walked around campus has noticed them. Construction projects have sprung up in the last few weeks, as the university received grants to begin building.

Currently, there are seven construction projects around campus, all of which peeve students trying to park. As if parking wasn’t horrendous enough in past years, the construction projects eliminate parking in various places around campus.

While university officials have said there is plenty of parking, anyone who has been around CSU knows this is just not true. Make sure you add 20 minutes to your commute to account for distant parking and long walks to classes.

Yes, the construction eliminates parking and no, it sure doesn’t make the west lawn look prettier, but don’t forget the noise factor.

If you want to learn anything in any of your classes in Clark A, make sure you sit as close to the front as possible. Maybe after a few weeks, you will be able to drown out the sound of jackhammers and bulldozers.

In the long run, though, the construction is meant to better the CSU community as a whole.

The new recreation center will, no doubt, be awesome. The parking structures may improve parking problems on campus and the modernization of the University of the Arts will be enjoyed. But right now, the construction feels noisy, inconvenient and like it took over the best place on campus to play Frisbee.

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