Jul 012008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

On Thursday, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper announced his latest move to help the environment — warmer city buildings.

You heard us right — from now on seven city offices will be required to turn the thermostat up 4 degrees in an effort to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. And there’s an even better side benefit: by using less energy on air conditioning, the city will be lowering electricity costs passed on to taxpayers.

And just a few short days following this announcement, the movement is already gaining momentum elsewhere in Colorado.

According to the Denver Post, private employers Qwest Communications and Miller-Coors Brewing Co. are jumping on board, as well. Gov. Ritter, too, is encouraging state buildings to raise their thermostats, but has stopped short of a complete mandate.

We here at the Collegian would like to applaud Hickenlooper and his followers for their efforts to make our state capitol a bit more green and issue a challenge to the Fort Collins community to do the same.

The Choice City, as home of the “green” university CSU, should be at the forefront of the environmental movement, and lowering city thermostats, which requires almost zero effort, is a good way to make sure we’re keeping up.

So bring on the heat Fort Collins. Let’s see just how small we can shrink down our carbon footprint

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