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Authors: Kelli Pryor

As the fireworks season comes to a head on Friday, university and city officials are warning students to tone down the usage of the explosives so they are not subject to fines. The city has a zero-tolerance policy for fireworks usage within the city limits.

CSU issued a press release last week reminding students that fireworks are illegal in the City of Fort Collins and possession of them can result in confiscation, a court summons, and a $250 fine.

The release encouraged students and residents to enjoy the holiday at City Park, where the city will hold a fireworks show at 9:20 p.m. Friday.

Bryson Kruk, a junior graphic design major, knows all too well the consequences of getting caught with fireworks.

During last year’s holiday, Kruk and several of his friends were shooting off fireworks in front of a house near City Park when the police arrived and confiscated everything. Several of Kruk’s friends received tickets and court summons after neighbors called the police.

“We were being really stupid actually,” he said. “I’m not surprised we got caught.”

Last July, the Fort Collins Police Department received 385 fireworks complaints and made 13 arrests, said Lori Frank, a crime analyst for Fort Collins Police Services. Statistics specifically from July 4 were not available.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates nearly 10,000 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries last year, but Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins does not generally have serious problem with the injuries come July 4.

“We probably see one percent of our patient injuries come from fireworks on the fourth,” said Kristina Bosse, clinical coordinator for Emergency Services. “We don’t really see a lot.”

But she added that “If we see injuries, they are really significant.”

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