May 042008
Authors: Sean Reed

The recent string of protests against the Chinese government that has erupted surrounding the carrying of the Olympic Torch to its 2008 host city, Beijing, has led to much debate over the appropriateness of mixing the Olypic Games with politics.

Jessica Gu, a journalism graduate student and member of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of CSU, took a few moments out of her day to let us know why students should support Beijing in hosting the games.

Q: Do you support the Olympic Committee’s decision to host the Olympic Games in Beijing?

A: Yes, I 100% support [Beijing hosting the games].

Q: In light of perceived human rights abuses by the Chinese Government, some have called for the U.S. to boycott the games. Do you think this would be appropriate?

A: It is inappropriate.

There are two main reason for this: First, these people shouldn’t judge if China should host the games or not just depending on several hot issues in China. That [would] be unfair and biased.

Chinese people are hoping for a chance for the world to clearly see modern China and to come to understand us [better].

Second, the goal of the Olympic games is to inspire and lead Sport with the Olympic ideal, thereby promoting and strengthening friendship between the sportsmen of all countries, which totally matches the goal of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Q: Do you think there are other, more appropriate ways to handle these concerns?

A: Yes. The U.S. may use other ways, such as peaceful dialogues and forums, to bring out these concerns.

Joe Howard, a freshmen double major in political science and international studies, explained to the Collegian why he thinks it would be impossible to separate the games from political atmosphere.

Q: Do you support the Olympic Committee’s decision to host the Olympic Games in Beijing?

A: Yeah, I like the idea . I think it would be a good opportunity for China.

Q: One of the big concerns that has come up recently has been China’s treatment of Tibet. How do you feel about this issue?

A: I think that it is very brave of the [Tibetan] monks to be doing what they believe in because of the message that it is sending to the world . but unfortunately, I don’t believe [the Chinese government] is going to stop any of the abuse because I don’t think they are ready to stop. I feel like the Olympics coming is going to be great for China in international affairs and that’s going to make them open up on the international stage, but I’m afraid that they’re just going to crack down more on their own people for fear of protests and things like that that are going to break out. So I think that, unfortunately, it will probably just get worse from here.

Q: Do you think it would be appropriate for the U.S. to boycott the games in response to alleged human rights violations by the Chinese government?

A: I don’t necessarily agree with a boycott because I think its better for the world to show its support for the Olympics. Because I feel the Olympics are not just an institution for sports for the national stage, I feel like they are really important for bringing the world together and I think it would be really good for China to have all of those voices at the Olympics and to have representatives from all of the nations.

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