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May 042008
Authors: Quinn Girrens

The time has come again when we Rams wrap up another semester, skip town for a few weeks and forget all about CSU until August — that is, unless you are taking summer courses. But before all of that happens, I wanted to take the time to touch base with the students about the goals that I have for the Associated Students of CSU and the 38th Senate.

Every year the ASCSU Senate is a place of heated debate, contentious legislation and, of course, the voicing of opinions from the students of CSU. But also, it is every year when seats in the Senate are not filled, opinions are not heard and legislation is passed that some students just aren’t happy with.

So here is my plug — come and join Senate and make a difference on your campus. I know that sounds idealistic as students are always being bombarded with the notion of “getting involved.” But ASCSU isn’t your ordinary student organization. We are given access to the administration, Fort Collins community leaders and even state legislators.

With these resources, we have the ability to make a difference for the students of CSU. Recently the Textbook Bill, signed by Govenor Ritter, was passed in part because of the efforts made by ASCSU senators and directors. ASCSU can make a difference — we just need you to get involved and use your voice.

My goal for next year is to have every senate seat filled by students. But the work doesn’t stop there — I want to see more effort from the senators in actually seeking out the opinions of students.

Senate is going to work with internal ASCSU departments to get CSU students registered to vote for the upcoming national and local elections, as well as educating students about why it is important to vote.

As you all know, tuition and student fees are an area of great concern. I want to educate students about their tuition, student fees and how students can have a voice in the process. Even if you don’t have the availability to actually become a senator, stop by Senate, every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. and voice your opinion from the gallery about an issue on campus or in the Fort Collins community that has you concerned.

Students are going to see a change from ASCSU next semester. Both Taylor and I are hard at work to start implementing our platform goals, while addressing problems and conflicts that CSU students face every day.

We want to keep students in the “know” about what issues we are tackling as well as addressing how we can improve. ASCSU would be nothing if it weren’t for the students. Taylor and I want to make ASCSU a “center for collaboration” between students, student organizations, faculty, staff and the administration. We are creating an internal structure that inherently cannot ignore student input.

So if you have an issue, a concern, or just need to get some answers, ASCSU is your resource. We are your student government, so hold us accountable, tell us what you think and make a difference on your CSU campus.

ASCSU Vice President Elect Quinn Girrens is a junior political science major. ASCSU’s column appears biweekly Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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