Apr 302008

After weeks of controversial proposals and embarrassing revelations, we have finally reached the end of the Associated Students of CSU election saga, and what a let down it has been.

While we feel Estevan Jaimes did the right thing by pulling their appeal, the time and energy of everyone involved was wasted working on an appeal that never was.

Jaimes should’ve given better thought to his other options before filing an appeal that he’d eventually give up on.

At least we can give credit that he’s accomplished what he said he was out to do in regards to the appeal: to raise attention to some rather questionable decisions made by ASCSU’s election commission.

As of now, Taylor Smoot has given his word that an ad hoc committee will be put into place to address the election issues that sorely need answers.

Obviously, the rules regarding election budget caps need thorough examination.

This ad hoc committee needs to draw conclusions as to what can be considered “fair market value” and how future election committees will address the issue of determining expenditures when necessary, as was the case with Smoot’s “free” concert during campaigning.

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