Ram Talk

Apr 292008

How do you take an elephant out of a Safeway bag? You take the ‘f’ out of safe and the ‘f’ out of way.

To the boy who asked me “Como te llamas?”, you must have one to many drinks because I do not own a llama.

I now know what the people on the Titanic felt after jumping into Horsetooth last weekend.

You know you need to get some when everyone you see is a potential candidate.

To the girl in my art class who threw down her one star Sudoku in frustration, it’s okay; we all have our special talents.

To be green I vow to shower with my boyfriend from now on … to conserve water.

Whoes bright idea was the “Marijuana March” this Saturday? I don’t know about the rest of you, but when marijuana is involved the last thing we stoners want to do is “march.”

Whoever dubbed Chicago the windy city had obviously never been to Fort Collins.

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