Yays and Nays

Apr 272008

yay | to CSU Men’s Golf for their comeback victory to take the Mountain West title on Saturday. Good work guys, but we still think golf is boring.

yay | to leaving your significant other behind for summer. Freedom is only a few weeks away.

nay | to Hillary Clinton’s victory in the Pennsylvania Primary on Tuesday. From the results, it’s clear to us the Keystone State should be re-dubbed the KeyStoned state. Way to delay the inevitable.

yay | to the Lacrosse team. It always brings joy to our hearts when one of our sports teams makes the Buffs cry. Mmmmm . the taste of buffalo tears.

nay | to the Nuggets. If you are all going to “quit” on the court, maybe you all could have the class to do it at the beginning of the season, like the Rams, so we don’t get our hopes up.

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