Apr 272008

It’s unfortunate to think that there are those among us who have refused to embrace who they really are, remaining silent in fear of alienation from friends or family.

It’s likely that there are millions all over the world who continue to struggle with their sexual identity for one reason or another, whether they’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Coming to terms about oneself is certainly not an easy thing for anyone to do.

Fortunately, we have groups on campus who are willing to recognize those silent masses: the members of the GLBT Student Services and other advocacy groups. Certainly, spending most of the day in silence would be a difficult ordeal, but it delivers a strong message.

Sadly, judging by the reactions of students throughout the day, it seems that there are still those among us who continue to encourage stereotypes and prejudice toward the GLBT community for whatever empty reasons they might hold. Honestly, we at the Collegian wonder where the anger comes from.

We’re in the midst of our own decades-long civil rights battle, akin to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s. It’s worth noting that progress has been made since 2000, and the push simply continues.

Our own university community reflects it, as we see Faculty Council push to reward same-sex couples with the same kind of benefits a married couple would receive. Progress is being made.

But until that day when people can put aside their fear and embrace themselves for who they are, we’ll continue to be mum for at least one day every April.

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