Apr 242008
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

The next 72 hours could be the longest of Caleb Hanie’s life.

The NFL draft is this weekend, beginning on Saturday afternoon, and while former CSU starting quarterback is waiting to hear if he was taken, he will be at his house in Texas trying to keep his mind occupied.

Q- How are you holding up, waiting to find out if you will be taken in the draft?

Hanie Answer- I’m not really that nervous. I am anxious to get it over with.

Q- Where do you think you will be taken, if you are drafted?

Hanie Answer- I think I will be taken right around the sixth round if at all. At the very least I will be on a team by Sunday. Either I get to choose the team I want to go to through free agency, or I will be selected through the draft. It is a win-win situation either way.

Q- It seems like your stock in the NFL has been on the rise a lot lately. What teams have shown interest in you?

Hanie Answer- The Indianapolis Colts flew me out for a visit, and I had a work out with the New England Patriots. The Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys have also shown interest.

Q- How do you prepare for a situation like this?

Hanie Answer- The only preparation I have done is preparing for the best. I have been talking with my agent and family trying to decide the best team for me. Really, I am looking for the team that gives me the best situation.

Q- What do you look for when you are deciding on a team to play for?

Hanie Answer- You look for the stability of the team, the other quarterbacks on the squad and how early you’ll be able to play on the field.

Q- Why do you think scouts have suddenly become so interested in you?

Hanie Answer- It is mostly from the game film. The team didn’t win a lot of games this season, but there was some good stuff that came from the film. I never gave up during the season, even when we were out of contention for a Bowl game and that gave me some momentum with the scouts.

Q- Is there anything you have planned to help keep your mind off of the draft this weekend?

Hanie Answer- Saturday I am going to get up, play a round of golf in the morning and hang out with some friends waiting for people to call about free agency. Sunday I will get up, have breakfast and wait to see if I get the call that I was drafted.

Q- If you do get taken, what would that feel like?

Hanie Answer- I would be ecstatic. It would be surreal to see your dreams coming true in front of your eyes. It would be nice to know that your future is looking pretty for now.

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