Ram Talk

Apr 232008

To all of the stupid men who pissed me off last night: You have muscles where your brains should be.

So I am trying to go green with the CSU campus, but when you can’t find a parking spot for 30 minutes, you can’t be that green!

It totally sucked getting fired. Good thing I was sent home before the new season of”A Shot At Love 2″ started.

Women may be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships.

So what am I supposed to do if my horoscope and fortune cookie directly contradict each other?

As engineers we have figured out how to reverse entropy, create a perpetual motion machine…yet we are still stumped trying to figure out how girls’ minds work.

I think I’m gonna get my first name tatooed on my shoulder in honor of Marcus Camby. Yeah, Thuggets.

To the girl in PSY class: Please limit your comments to three per class. You’ve exceeded your quota for the semester and no one cares.

To the kids in my humanities class, I’m sorry I’m such a freeloading deadweight group member. Wanna hear a secret? I didn’t even buy the book, everything I say is total crap.

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