Apr 232008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Our View: AD finally spending smart

The Athletic Department has made its first fiscally responsible and well-executed move in the last year — it is planning a $20 million new indoor facility that will cater to the academic and athletic needs of the program.

Athletic director Paul Kowalczyk held a press conference Wednesday, outlining the building plans and timeline for construction on the two buildings, which will begin in the summer.

Academics and athletics within the program, which are really the only obligations of the department, have undergone intense criticism for basically stinking it up in the past couple of years.

And the department came under fire from student leaders in a last ditch effort to save the program after Kowalczyk fired three head coaches, including long-time football coach Sonny Lubick, and hired new ones while it still owed contract money to those on their way out.

We at the Collegian are happy it appears the worst of times may finally be over.

Injecting money into development facilities that will help both of these programs is a fantastic idea, and the Collegian editorial board applauds Kowalczyk and his department for spending smart and being transparent.

And the best part of the deal: students will not pay for the project as they have the three expensive coach buy-outs and increases in scholarship funding that have happened in the last two years.

The funding for the buildings will come from donations and fundraising — two concepts that students who have long suffered increasingly large hikes in tuition and fees are unfamiliar with.

It’s really refreshing to hear of a project that won’t further strain our starving pocketbooks.

It’s just a shame that Lubick won’t be able to enjoy the new facilities, something he often spoke of doing. Briquettes

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