Gorgeously Green

Apr 222008
Authors: Jacob Whitsitt

The Lory Student Center Plaza was filled with live music and over 40 booths providing information on how to live green as CSU continued its celebration of Sustainability Week with its annual Earth Day event on Tuesday.

Student groups commended CSU’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, but placed emphasis on ways students can live greener.

The event was sponsored by the Live Green Team, a student group that advocates for environmental awareness.

“There’s so much information out there,” said Alexandra Blevins, a volunteer for the Progressive Voter Network, which offers a platform for environmentalists to voice their cause. “We should all just open our minds and take it all in.”

Blevins was trying to get student signatures on a petition to Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., demanding stricter regulations that would curb the effects of global warming.

To further encourage students to get involved in changing their daily habits to greener ones, the Live Green Team offered a “Go Green” pledge students could fill out online.

The pledge was intended to get students to consciously decide to cut down on their environmental impact.

Under the pledge, students agreed to 16 different methods to reduce their impact, including not leaving the faucet on and recycling.

“Basically, I’m looking to be green, and by pledging hopefully I’ll hold myself to it,” said Laura Biles, a sophomore health and exercise science major, who had just finished signing her pledge.

The afternoon event did not just focus on environmental clean up. Several of the booths showed ways that being green could be economically friendly to students as well.

“Being green is good for the environment,” Biles said. “But it’s good for your wallet, too.”

By the end of the day, 350 students had already signed a pledge. These results are what the Live Green Team was hoping for, said Tonie Miyamoto, the director of Communications for Housing and Dining Services.

“It’s exciting that the campus has been so aware of sustainability this year,” Miyamoto said. “I hope that people leave here with ideas for their personal life as well as the campus to be more green.”

But she warned that while the university continues to improve its practices, it is essential for students to make changes in their personal lives to continue to reduce CSU’s impact on the environment.

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