Apr 212008
Authors: Calvin Setar

The Student Fee Review Board shot down one of the most controversial items on Taylor Smoot’s proposal Monday as the student government president-elect pushes through a pending appeal of the recent elections.

The SFRB gave a seven to three vote against bringing The Onion, a satirical, nationally syndicated newspaper, to campus — an effort that could have cost an extra $48,000.

Smoot continued with his “business as usual” approach, outlining a revised budget proposal for fiscal year 2009 to the SFRB — which still included funds for student-voted initiatives, such as a large homecoming concert and The Onion.

The overall student fee increase for Smoot’s new budget will come to $3.33 per student, down from $4.50 from his previous proposal.

Smoot’s plan would have brought 5,000 copies of The Onion a week throughout the school year, but at the time of the presentation, negotiations were still ongoing as to the price for the number of copies and the distribution fee.

As it stands, The Onion would have cost CSU students $48,000 in fees.

The opposition to Smoot’s plan said students who voted for his ticket to bring the paper to CSU didn’t understand the cost.

“I just really wonder if that kind of money being spent on something like that is worth it,” said Mark Settle, a member of the board.

Zane Guilfoyle, a former contender for the presidency, said the paper would only add another unnecessary expenditure to an already tangled budget, adding that the university’

“The Collegiate Readership Program we already have in place costs about $150 per day, or a little more than a $1,000 per week, but the Onion is going to end up costing about $1,500 a week,” he said.

The concert also saw intense debate, but was allowed to stay as part of the price tag is already taken care of.

The concert will increase the budget $90,000, $20,000 of which will be picked up by the Association for Student Activity Programming, and $70,000 will come from student fees.

Other changes to the budget included new bike racks on campus, the addition of two vans to RamRide on both Friday and Saturday nights.

The proposed bike rack initiative would cost $4,000, and the new vans for RamRide will cost $66,456.

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