A look back on this year

Apr 202008
Authors: Trevor Trout

The Associated Students of CSU Senate has worked hard this year to fight for students’ rights, and we’d like to tell you about some of our work.

We’ve charged two new positions with reaching out to students. As well, we’ve written bi-monthly Collegian articles, spoken to KCSU, organized a student organization forum, created a legislative posting board and a point of contact through our Web site.

We build student power not just through legislation passed in the Senate, but also by sitting on administrative committees and otherwise working with University officials on all levels. Our members:

Assisted the textbook campaign by collecting your letters and lobbying at the state legislature

Revised the General Student Course Survey to enhance student review of instruction and renovation

Eased the removal of student information from the CSU Directory

Called all 1,000 faculty members and posted door hangers on all faculty offices reminding instructors of textbook order deadlines. Meeting this deadline saves students thousands of dollars

Collaborated with university officials on the most appropriate university response to student electronic piracy subpoenas and early settlement letters

Emphasized the importance of aesthetics in new campus construction

Acknowledged Sonny Lubick’s tenure at CSU

Successfully advocated for the extension of library hours until 2:00 a.m. during dead week and finals week

Fought for reasonable and realistic exterior property maintenance codes that don’t unduly burden students

Sat on the Collegian Advisory Committee that is assisting in determining the future of Student Media

Represented students on UniverCity Task Groups, fighting for sustainable and affordable student housing

Advocated to change the zoning eligibility of boarding house permits, the compromise to U+2

Sat on fee area advisory councils including Athletics, the CSU Recreation Center, and Hartshorn Health Center

Created a new senior commencement gift in conjunction with the Alumni Association

Created the Fall 2008 Academic Colloquium, a discussion on teaching and learning at CSU

Advocated for enhanced building signage

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you this year and I look forward to seeing what you as students and what ASCSU can accomplish in the years ahead. If you would like to get involved, the Senate has open positions in most colleges. Please contact Trevor Trout at vicepresident@ASCSU.colostate.edu if you are interested.

Trevor Trout is a senior business administration major and the vice president of ASCSU. ASCSU’s column appears biweekly Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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