Apr 152008

An appeal challenging the 2008 Associated Students of CSU presidential election results threatens to unseat President-elect Taylor Smoot and Vice President-elect Qinn Girrens.

If the ASCSU Supreme Court rules to launch another election, despite what could be “gross” oversights by the Election Committee, students will find themselves without adequate representation.

Despite our beef with the Smoot/Girrens ticket for pushing a $120,000 increase in student fees for a concert and to bring the The Onion to campus, and our previous endorsement of another ticket, we think it is too late in the game to go through the arduous elections process one more time.

The grieved party, Edward Modec, a former chief justice of the ASCSU Supreme Court, is upset about a concert Smoot and Girrens held during their campaign that he says wasn’t compensated at fair market value, which would have put the campaign over the spending limit and out of the race.

Despite Modec’s substantial argument, his timing is off.

To go through another elections process would leave the students at CSU without solid student representation for far too long — a solace that students need during the reign of an administration notorious for excluding student opinion from the legislative and tuition processes.

We feel focus should instead be placed on the Elections Committee, which has done a poor job of maintaining the proper transparency needed to ensure a fair election. Finally, the committee’s closed-door meeting taking place today does not deal with a personnel or legal matter, and should accordingly be open to the public.

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