Apr 142008
Authors: Cece Wildeman

Taylor Smoot and Quinn Girrens, ASCSU president and vice president for 2008-2009, proposed a more than $120,000 increase in next year’s budget Monday — a fee increase they say will is needed to fulfill their campaign promises.

While increases were proposed in other budget areas as well, the voted initiative was the only new area added into the budget.

The proposed budget increase will result in a $9 per student fee increase per year.

Smoot and Girrens estimate that $70,000 will go to a homecoming concert. Anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 will go toward bringing the satirical newspaper, The Onion, to campus. And the rest will go toward an increase in bike racks and recycling bins on campus, tuition education and the Walk for Cheaper Textbooks program.

“It’s an increase year, sadly,” Smoot said. “But we’re the best student organization in the state.”

Smoot and Girrens said that the fee increase is based off of what students said they wanted to see on campus, one of the most popular items being The Onion.

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to wants it,” Girrens said.

The student voted initiatives were controversial for some Student Fee Review Board members and led to lengthy discussion and debate.

Mark Settle, a senior economics and political science double major, had a plethora of questions about the proposal.

He asked whether or not Smoot and Girrens thought the presence of The Onion on campus would cut into Collegian advertising revenues.

Smoot said that it will not be an issue because The Onion is based in Denver and, therefore, all of their advertising will be coming out of Denver.

Settle also wanted to know how Girrens and Smoot plan to increase the number of bike racks on campus if the bike registration fee is waived, as Girrens and Smoot said they hope it will be.

“I don’t feel that we should be penalizing students for registering their bikes,” Smoot said.

But Smoot said he did not realize that the bike registration fee helped pay for bike racks on campus. He said this is something that needs to be investigated further.

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