Apr 142008

In a news story covered by the Collegian on March 25, 2008, it is erroneously stated that, “In 2005, Alyahya established the Saudi Forum of America, a group with a current membership of 20,000 from across the U.S.”

As the current president of the Saudi Student’s House at Colorado State University, I would like to address this mistaken piece of information and set the record straight.

First of all, Khaleel Alyahya did NOT establish the Saudi Forum of America. Neither was it founded in 2005.

It was in 2004 when the committee in charge of the House decided to establish an online discussion board as part of SSH already-existing Web site in an attempt to keep the members in touch; a means of communication utilized to broadcast social gatherings and other types of events and activities.

In January, 2005, Mr. Alyahya was elected president for the SSH in Fort Collins. As president, he had access to the Web site as the administrator. Unfortunately, after his term was over, Mr. Alyahya misleadingly claimed ownership of the domain refusing to hand it over to the next elected committee.

Ever since, we have made every possible diplomatic and peaceful attempt to retrieve the Saudi Student Forum Web site to its original and legitimate administrator: Saudi Student’s House. Mr. Alyahya, however, has been far from cooperative.

Meanwhile, our efforts to reinstate justice continue.

Saleh Al-Turki

Horticulture Ph.D. student

President, Saudi Student’s House at CSU

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