Apr 142008

Newly elected Associated Student of CSU President and Vice President, Taylor Smoot and Quinn Girrens respectively, have followed through on their promise to bring a concert and The Onion to Campus – and students are paying for it.

Smoot presented a more than $120,000 increase to the Student Fee Review Board Monday: $70,000 for a concert, $30,000 to $50,000 to bring the satirical paper and the rest for more reasonable endeavors such as increased bike racks and recycle bins.

The new ASCSU executives were frank in their pitch of the concert and satirical paper to students, which seemed to be clutch in their capture of their seats. But they didn’t tell students how they planned to propose yet another student fee increase to do this.

Smoot and Girrens ran largely on a platform of bringing transparency to the student fee and tuition process. And while they seem sincere in their promise to hold “accountability forums” and the like to educate students about fees and what they provide, the new leaders have missed the point: CSU is in the midst of a funding crisis, and students will pick up much of the slack.

Directing any of the more than $1,300 each student pays a year in student fees toward frivolous expenditures like concerts and a comic newspaper appears to be nothing more than a practice in pageantry and a ploy to increase their popularity among students. Trying to increase student fees for these things seems just plain stupid.

Smoot and Girrens have won their popularity contest; now, try spending our money on something important.

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