Yays and Nays

Apr 132008

yay | to the people who walked the track for 12 hours to fight cancer. The Editorial Board admires your commitment. Thanks for taking a stand.

nay | to the Collegian curse continuing for yet another year. For years, the ASCSU candidates we endorse lose the election. Maybe we’ll start endorsing a campaign that sucks.

yay | to only three weeks left of classes. Unfortunately, that’s only three weeks to catch up in all the classes you’ve missed.

nay | to having to find a summer job. If only there were a career center on campus to help us.

yay | to good weather forecasts this week. Nice weather: yet another reason to skip your 9 a.m. copy editing class. Hoo needs it aneway?

nay | to having to think of an extra nay when the Editorial Board is in a yay kind of mood.

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