Apr 132008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

Trying to get alcohol on Sundays requires more work than finals week.

To the girl who was physical with my roommate Saturday: really?

Tribute to some of the women in philosophy class: Like when like you try to like say something like, you know, like this, and like this isn’t like the smurfs where we like replace all verbs with ‘like’ try to not like sound like smart while using like the word ‘like’ every other like word or whatever, ya know?

Us guys may not understand fashion, but we do understand low-cut shirts, tight jeans and mini-skirts. So the next time you want to catch our eye .

It must be spring, everywhere I turn it’s couples holding hands, kissing…you can stop rubbing it in! Maybe I like being single!

If you are going to talk to yourself in the library, at least make it interesting.

To the girl who said “I don’t do drugs, I’ve just taken ecstasy twice.” Clearly, you do drugs.

To our chatty neighbor: we can here ALL the intimate details of your late night phone conversations, and yes, we think you should get tested.

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