Letter to the editor

Apr 132008

Thank you for publishing Mr. Lemke’s article countering relativism. I would like to use a current event to further illustrate why two fundamentally different truths cannot coexist.

The protests surrounding the Olympic Torch stem from the universal truth that the powerful should not oppress others. However, the solution can vary depending on what is considered truth.

If the truth is that mankind alone can solve society’s problems, a mass-scale protest and political action should solve this problem.

However, protests tend to become violent, and often other political leaders will not stop oppression if it does not affect their own countries.

On the flip side, if there is truth that exists saying that mankind is broken and will only be restored through a divine savior who has made Himself present, the Olympic Torch situation can be viewed and resolved in a drastically different way. Political protests ending in violence and leaders’ selfishness reveal this brokenness.

Therefore, the primary solution would be for the leaders to become aware of and accept this divine solution to solve their problem of selfishness.

Furthermore, people who believed this second truth would carry out political action to enact change, but with the assurance that someone outside mankind would resolve the situation. The most important thing is that these two worldviews cannot coexist. This makes relativism void. With this in mind, I encourage all students follow Mr. Lemke’s advice and seek after the truth. It is a glorious thing to be found.

Katie Sutherland

Human development and family studies

Graduate student

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