Apr 072008
Authors: Andy Dose

Morgan Library will temporarily extend hours of operation for the last two weeks of school to allow more study time for students, in conjunction with CSU’s Provost office, police department, and facilities management.

The library will be open until 2 a.m. starting May 4 through May 8, and then from May 11 through May 15.

All services will be up and running throughout the extension, said Julie Wessling the assistant dean of Libraries.

Leftover money from each department’s respective fiscal budget will fund the plan for extended hours at the library. Any remaining costs will be covered by the Provost Office said Mark Gill, the chief of staff for the Provost Office.

“One way or the other, we’re going to make sure it’s covered,” Gill said.

The library and surrounding areas will have extra police presence, and the police department may have vans available to provide rides to close-by areas, as the university’s SafeWalk program ends at 1 a.m., Gill said.

“We want to try to meet the students’ needs as much as possible, but we have to also take into consideration the safety and security aspect of it too,” Gill said. “We don’t want to have security problems either within the library itself or when the students are leaving the library.”

This extension is the first step in an initiative to permanently lengthen library hours to increase accessibility for students, put forth by representatives from the Associated Students of CSU.

“There is strong student demand for extension of the library hours, especially as many coffee shops close and studying at home may not always be desired,” said Trevor Trout, the vice president of ASCSU, in an e-mail interview.

The tentative goal is for students to have constant 24-hour library access, with the next step being 24-hour access during finals for the upcoming fall semester, pending the results of this first extended hour trial, Gill said.

“Being the first time that we’ve done it this way, we really don’t know what the total impact is going to be,” Gill said. “But we’re going to try whatever we can between now and the end of next semester to see if we can take the next step to implementing the 24 hour operation or (if) we’ll have to gradually work into it.”

Some students said extending library hours will be beneficial for the extensive workload that comes during the final few weeks of the semester.

“I’m definitely more productive when I go study somewhere else instead of home and I like to go to the library, especially during finals,” senior graphic design major Emily Miller said. “I have so much homework that it’s best if it’s open later so then I can just study as long as I need to.”

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