Mar 312008
Authors: Andy Dose

Student leaders are offering students an opportunity to participate in LeaderShape, a national program designed to give students tools to become better leaders in everyday life and later on in their respective professions.

The Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement office, will take participants to Pingree Park at CSU’s mountain campus the week after graduation to experience both lecture and hands-on activities to facilitate leadership training.

“It’s really an experience for both young leaders and leaders with a lot of experience,” Jake Blumberg, Public Relations coordinator for SLiCE, said. “There’s a lot to gain from it.”

Bobby Kunstman, assistant director of SLiCE, said the application process for the retreat is simple: the online application itself and four questions online pertaining to individuals’ specific needs.

SLiCE’s goal is to register 150 students. Of those, 72 attendees will be accepted for the conference.

“We want to make sure that we’re using student fee dollars to the best of our ability,” Kunstman said.

The conference will be held at the university’s mountain campus to ensure an adequate distraction-free environment for students to delve into their personal goals as well as goals for their careers.

“Rarely do you have enough time to sit down (and consider), ‘What is my mission in life, what do I want to accomplish by the time I’m dead?'” Blumberg said. “And LeaderShape, this five-day retreat, really gives you an opportunity to do that.”

Students have until Friday to apply.

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