Mar 262008

Jen Warden was fired Wednesday as the head coach of the CSU women’s basketball team.

It’s about time.

In three years at the helm, Warden won a total of five conference games. That’s one win every 10 games. And that’s not very good.

After suffering through the worst regular season in program history this year, Warden and the Rams somehow managed to win two games in the conference tournament a couple weeks ago.

And after a week passed without any announcement, it appeared as if those two wins, one of which was against a top 15 team, were going to be enough to overcome three seasons of futility.

Thankfully, they were not.

Perhaps Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk spent the week fundraising, trying to come up with an extra 230 grand that CSU now owes Warden for the final two years remaining on her contract.

If so, we hope he was successful, because he told us the money isn’t going to come from an increase in student fees.

Maybe he’s planning a giant bake sale in Clark.

But we feel for ya, Pauly K.

Little has gone right since you took over as AD two years ago, and little of it has been your fault.

But at least you’re doing something about it.

The only thing worse than being broke is being broke and in last place.

So, good luck, Kristen Holt, who replaces Warden. And Rams, don’t take the easy road out by transferring.

Once upon a time CSU was a great place for women’s basketball. Let’s make that true again.

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