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Authors: Erik Myers

The Collegian Advisory Committee made public its proposal criteria last week, a three-page document that includes 17 questions regarding Collegian operations.

The committee is charged with reviewing proposals that offer changes to the current operations of the Collegian. CSU President Larry Penley appointed the committee’s creation after holding a closed-door meeting with officials from media corporation Gannett to discuss a possible acquisition of the student paper.

The committee met privately on March 13th to finalize proposal criteria, which they made public one week ago.

All proposals are due to the committee chair, Blanche Hughes, vice president for Student Affairs, by 4 p.m. March 31.

Proposals following the criteria will be required to address all 17 questions if they seek to make significant changes to Collegian operations. CSU officials state that Hughes has yet to receive a proposal.

The first set of questions revolves around organization, seeking specifics on proposed changes to the editorial and financial structure of the paper, as well as the possible changes to the paper’s publishing board.

One question addresses the role of professional staff in the newsroom, while another asks proposals to address the changes that could occur between the Collegian and other Student Media entities as a result of a shift in the paper’s operations.

Members of Student Media and the advisory committee have expressed concern that other student media — KCSU, CTV and College Avenue — could suffer if the Collegian’s operations are altered, as the newspaper subsidizes the other media operations.

The other set of questions asks proposals to address the benefits that could come from a change in operations, including potential educational and professional opportunities.

Questions regarding the relationship between the university and the paper are also listed in this set.

The committee will not meet this week due to time constraints among members. The committee will meet privately next Thursday to discuss received proposals and decide who will be invited to present their proposal to the committee.

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