Mar 102008

After their decision to tighten the distribution practices of city publications, we have to wonder if our city council is really anything more than just a homeowner’s association.

The city council argues that the racks clutter the streets downtown, and somehow are at risk of impeding the safety and quality of downtown life. With that in mind, the new resolution will require publications to be stored in “condo” racks set at less convenient, accessible spots.

It sounds to us that a couple of business owners are angry that the downtown area isn’t a pristine environment.

And while a clean city should be encouraged, these new practices will undoubtedly hurt the businesses of publications that make up the unique media market of Fort Collins — papers that go without a set base of subscribers and depend entirely on advertisers, who may be less likely to run ads if there’s a chance fewer people will read them.

Any successful business must be accessible to its customers. With that in mind, the city’s new resolution will hurt Fort Collins independent media market, a group of papers who are already suffering under the competition of mass corporate media.

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