LTTE: Congrats Collegian

Mar 102008

Congratulations on not getting sold. I was heartened in a great article about the whole issue to see that the Board of Student Communications bylaws are going to be changed to hopefully curtail a repeat of the infamous F Bush headline.

I might add that I would have responded the same if the headline had said F Hillary. I am not against it from a political standpoint, but from a professional journalism and common decency point of view.

I think that is all the alumni, parents and students have wanted from the start.

I have written in many posts I thought your paper should remain under student control as long as the students showed professional journalistic standards in their decision-making.

So again congratulations to the entire staff — and yes, that includes McSwane.

You have some really talented people on your paper and, in my humble opinion, we would love to read your stuff — minus the profanity and a few minor lapses in journalistic integrity.

Looking forward to future issues.

Craig S. Hawley

Reseda, CA

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