Yays and Nays

Mar 092008

Nay| to daylight savings time. Sure, we get an hour more of sunlight in the evening during springtime, but at what cost?

yay | to spring break next week. Our only complaint is that it isn’t this week.

yay | to Editor-in-Chief elect Aaron Montoya. We are looking forward to at least one more year of endless beard jokes in the newsroom – thanks for making it possible.

nay | to Larry Penley. We appreciate not being sold to Gannett, but we would really like to be informed when our head is taken off the chopping block.

yay | to the end of basketball conference season. Now that the real season is over, can we see some wins, please?

nay | to Wyoming for having a primary that counts. We appreciate that you voted for Obama, but you guys also produced Dick Cheney.

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