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Mar 092008
Authors: Katie Gleeson

As the current Student Body President, I can’t start wars or send people to the moon, but I can assure you that the Associated Students of CSU impacts every student in one way or another.

Consider some of our more noteworthy accomplishments. We have:

Spearheaded state legislation to make textbooks more affordable

Improved RamRide’s efficiency, taking an extra 5,000 students home

Weighed in on Faculty Council’s decision to abandon C-, D+ and D- grades

Kept the lid on student fee increases

Engaged in budget and tuition discussions with the Joint Budget Committee and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

When you return from Spring Break, you’ll be approached by candidates running to be an ASCSU senator, president or vice president. Each will have a smile, many ideas and hopefully some candy.

I encourage you to give these student leaders a listen, and perhaps even be one of them. After all, whether you like it or not, ASCSU affects your CSU experience.

If you’d like to run for senator, president or vice president, you must submit an application for candidacy by this Friday at 4 p.m. If you decide not to run, I still encourage you to learn about the candidates and make your voice heard by voting on RamWeb this April.

Senators come from each college on campus and fight for students on issues like extended library hours and CSU-city relations. Additionally, they actively seek student input on issues like the Student Recreation Center expansion.

ASCSU’s next president will represent you to the Board of Governors of the CSU-System. This group has final say on things like tuition rates and the construction of academic buildings. Though this work rarely makes front page news, it is vital.

Additionally, the president oversees 35 student employees who serve you with programs like RamRide, Student Funding Board and For-Ever-Green.

The ASCSU vice president oversees Senate and the Student Fee Review Board. The latter group oversees over $32 million student dollars, directing money toward Athletics, the Lory Student Center and Hartshorn Health Center, among other places.

As students we share some common goals, like having a great collegiate experience and graduating with a valuable degree. There are hundreds of student organizations where you can find their niche.

But ASCSU is one of the best ways you can find your place and serve students. Join us to make your voice heard to CSU administration and the state legislature. There is no better time than now to consider running for office. Go to, or swing by our office in the LSC to pick up an application. And finally, don’t forget to vote on RamWeb, April 7, 8 and 9th.

Katie Gleeson is the president of the Associated Students of CSU and a senior history major. ASCSU’s column appears biweekly Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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