Mar 042008
Authors: Andy Dose

Three Student Media employees were honored recently with a series of awards, ranging from scholarships to special recognition, in various aspects of college journalism.

Jeff Browne, director of Student Media, said these awards are an example of a continuing trend of excellence among journalism students at CSU and within Student Media.

“At the national and state levels, CSU is highly regarded for the quality of students, the student journalists, that come out of our operation,” Browne said. “We do great work, and our students do great work.”

On Feb. 22, Maggie Canty, Collegian entertainment editor, received the Damon Runyon Scholarship, Colorado’s top honor for college reporting.

With the scholarship, Canty receives an internship with The Denver Post this summer.

“It’s a really big honor to find out I was chosen,” Canty said. “I’m looking forward to working in a major professional newsroom and seeing how it works.”

Along with Canty, Benjamin Brune, CTV production director, and Lindsay Traylor, CTV Web master and reporter, were awarded two of three $2,000 scholarships from the Colorado Broadcaster’s Association.

“It’s affirming that I’m on the right path,” Brune said. “Originally I wanted to do print, and then it became radio, and then it just became an ‘uber-combination’ of both. And that’s TV. I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Winning the scholarship came as an unexpected, but welcome, surprise, Traylor said.

“You can never really tell what the minds of the people who chose these things are really thinking or looking for,” she said.

In addition to these awards, staff members from all three facets of Student Media received several regional Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

“The students at Student Media work very hard to provide the campus and local community with good stories on news, feature and sports events,” said Holly Wolcott, Student Media assistant director and adviser to the Collegian. “I’m very proud of their commitment and their recognitions.”

J. David McSwane, Collegian editor-in-chief and award-recipient, said CSU Student Media is going “above and beyond” what can be asked of student journalists.

“We are exceeding expectations,” he said. “We’re doing more than we are supposed to do as a department, as student journalists, student leaders. Anyone who questions that clearly has not looked at our product — at the amount of awards and recognition we bring to this department and to the school.”

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