A challenge for Dr. Hughes

Feb 282008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As students, we are truly impressed that our vice president of Student Affairs, Blanche Hughes, took the initiative to “live a day in the shoes of a CSU student.”

It demonstrates what we think is a sincere desire to be connected to the student body, something several student organizations have accused the administration of abandoning altogether.

Dr. Hughes said she felt the need to stay in a residence hall because she is, ultimately, responsible for student life. We respect that. Hopefully your experience can help enhance the student life.

In this vein, though, we would like to extend an invitation and challenge to Dr. Hughes. Being the VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Hughes also oversees the operations of Student Media: the Collegian, CTV, KCSU and College Avenue. As such, she also chairs the newly formed “Collegian Advisory Board,” which is charged with reviewing proposals for a “strategic partnership” with the student paper.

We, ASCSU, faculty and students have expressed skepticism about this board and the intentions of our university president. But Dr. Hughes has expressed interest in connecting to students. We’re interested too.

If Dr. Hughes truly wishes to immerse herself in the community for which she works, she might consider living a day in the shoes of CSU student journalist.

You hold the future of Student Media — a 116-year tradition — in your hands. Find out what we’re about. We’ll provide the Ramen Noodles and cold drinks.

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