Feb 202008
Authors: Griffin Faust

Purpose: ColoradoBiz Magazine is a premier source for regional trade in the capacity of analysis, trends and forecast.

To my surprise, there are also a lot of profile articles that are, for me, the most interesting writing.

The short and sweet profiles approach the business aspect of venture trade through the scope of who built up the company and how; i.e., Ron Snyder of Crocs.

The writing is timely, to the point of outdating in a manner of weeks, but doesn’t require much previous knowledge of business or industry jargon.

Audience: First of all, this is a publication written for well-established Colorado business men and women. This would be a good source of information for those launching a business, because entrepreneurship in Colorado is hit on throughout many of the articles.

Also to the benefit of new promoters are references such as a networking event calendar and a regular column on small business in Colorado.

Advertisements suggest a wealthy or possibly retired viewership. By far the most prominent (and my favorite ad) is the pullout 2008 golf planner’s guide; an all inclusive reference map that lists charity golf, new developments, where to shop, etc.

Moving on, other big ads include recurring, page-size flyers for investment firms and loan banks. Not the most exciting stuff, but keep in mind this is mostly a referential publication.

Kudos: This magazine has been operating for almost 30 years, and I think it’s become a focused channel for company venturists.

The magazine’s structure is more helpful in this way because it’s essentially organized like a newspaper; ColoradoBiz publishes monthly beats in the scope of sports biz, management biz, economics and entrepreneurship.

Also, I think the regional appeal is operating well here because Colorado certainly has interesting companies and executives.

Draw Backs: Although the writing weans away from being convoluted for an average reader, it’s still boring to me. I enjoy profile writing, so I read into the lead story about some of Colorado’s women executives.

It’s informative and used quotes effectively, but ultimately the article was short and I failed to see the worthy reason for it to be published.

Art throughout is drab and uniform. All articles are the same visually, although vastly different in content.

The more colorful graphics were used in the ads – ColoradoBiz Magazine uses boxed quotes or a brushed up, artificial studio photo more often as eye hooks.

Bottom Line: Maybe one day when I get my master’s in business administration I’ll pick it up again. For now, however, find something more entertaining, less yuppie.

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