Feb 182008

In response to Michael Bretz’s letter to the editor: While I agree that the Collegian shouldn’t have made those generalizations about students of your major, I must say that it wasn’t very tactful of you to throw a new generalization back at journalism majors and to the rest of the school.

Along with your assumption that you are among a select few who takes their education seriously, insinuating that an engineering major works harder and understands what you’ve deemed as “too hard” for a journalism major to grasp isn’t making you look any better than the editorial you’ve criticized.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the people who put together our paper (along with other students outside of engineering) work just as hard in their respective fields as you do in yours.

Point being, the next time the Collegian hurts your feelings, it might not be the best idea to mimic any sentiments or actions you’re disagreeing with.

Jenna Hallahan

Junior, English Education

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