Feb 172008
Authors: Sean Reed

Junior Mechanical Engineering major Dan Marvin was kind enough to sit down with the Collegian to talk about winter sports.

Q: Do you participate in winter sports?

A: I haven’t lately, but I do ski.

Q: How long have you been a skier?

A: My whole life. Since I was a kid.

Q: How did you get started?

A: My parents took me up.

Q: Have you ever been snowboarding?

A: I’ve actually never tried it. I’ve always wanted to, but I go up so little . I don’t want to have to start all over.

Q: You say you used to ski a lot. Why haven’t you gone so much as of late?

A: Time mostly. Cost. Lift tickets have gone up.

Q: What is it about skiing that you’d say you like?

A: I don’t know. Probably just getting in the outdoors. Uh, it’s fun.

Q: What would you say is your favorite mountain to ride in Colorado?

A: Probably Copper.

Q: How come?

A: I just like the way they have the different runs separated so you’re not running into beginning skiers on your way down the slope. And they have the bowls and the terrain park.

Q: What skill level would you say you’re at?

A: Probably not . the most expert in the world, but I can ski most terrain.

Q: Are you planning on going skiing anytime soon?

A: Probably not

Jennifer Brescia, a senior human development and family studies major, sat down and chatted with Collegian and gave us some insight into which is better — skiing or snowboarding.

Q: Do you ski or snowboard?

A: I typically snowboard, but I do both.

Q: How did you get into them?

A: I’ve been skiing since I was seven years-old and when I was 13 years-old snowboarding became popular and I picked up snowboarding and I’ve been snowboarding since.

Q: Do you think either one is more challenging or less challenging than the other?

A: Uh, I don’t remember having … too much trouble with skiing. Snowboarding can be more difficult if you just don’t try to push yourself, you know, because when you catch the edge and you hit the ground that can hurt pretty bad. See, I guess I would say skiing is easier because they teach the pie. You know and you just go down the mountain.

See, I guess snowboarding is a little bit more difficult but I enjoy more because … I’m better at it and I definitely go over jumps and do more tricks with snowboarding.

But with skiing I go in the trees and I don’t go in the trees when snowboarding.

Q: Is that just a matter of how you can maneuver with skis?

A: Yeah, that’s definitely a factor. Also, I never pushed myself to do trees, which I should.

Q: Do you have a favorite Mountain in Colorado?

A: Snowmass

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