Feb 062008
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

Sloppy is an adjective defined in the dictionary as: “Marked by a lack of neatness or order; untidy.”

And sloppy is exactly how the CSU women’s basketball team played against New Mexico Wednesday night at Moby Arena on their way to a 12-consecutive loss, 74-47. From poor shooting, to 20 turnovers, to not being able to guard the Lobos’ Dionne Marsh, the Rams simply didn’t look as if they were prepared for the Mountain West Conference’s third-place team.

New Mexico (12-9, 4-4) rallied from the opening tipoff with a 14-4 run before the first media timeout thanks to the inside presence of Marsh and Angela Hartill, but it wasn’t all stout defense by the Lobos that caused the early deficit, as CSU (2-19, 0-8) shot 20 percent against New Mexico’s 75 during that time period.

“Our defense wasn’t what we wanted to it to be tonight,” sophomore guard Emily Neal said, “but we realize that this was just one night and that we have to keep fighting.”

The Rams fought the hardest during the last four minutes of the first half, as they scored 10 points, all from off the bench, from Neal, Bonnie Barbie and Amaka Uzomah. The 10 points in the final four minutes equaled the same amount of points CSU scored in the first 16 of the half, which sent them into the locker room down 36-20.

The fact that Barbie didn’t come into the game until the 3:35 mark of the first half came as a shock to most of the 985 in attendance, but not to Barbie, who finished the night with 10 points.

“I’ve been struggling with my shooting percentages, so there’s a reason I didn’t come in early due to how I’ve been performing in practice.” Barbie said. “I haven’t been producing even shooting on my own, so tonight was definitely good for my mentality.”

The second half was almost an exact replica of the first, as CSU could not find an answer to New Mexico’s Marsh, who shot 9-13 from the field with game-high totals in scoring and rebounding with 23 and 7, respectively.

“She’s tough.” Amaka Uzomah said, “you can see that I’m up on her, but with her jumper that goes way behind her head, you can’t do nothing about that. You’re up on her, and that’s about all you can do.”

Glimpses of a Ram comeback were few if any, but it is to be noted that the CSU bench was what kept this game from being an even larger blowout, as Neal’s 13 points and Barbee and Uzomah’s 10 were perhaps the only things the fans really cheered for.

While Ram faithful are getting aggravated with the constant losing efforts by CSU, the New Mexico star forward thinks this team has the ability to make it big.

“(CSU)’s shooting wasn’t really there, but they show a lot of heart and they’re very active-they play really hard and that’s going to help them,” Marsh said. “In a couple of years they are going to be very good. They’ve got some good outside shooters and that will be great for them coming up.”

Player of the game:

Emily Neal, sophomore forward

Report card:

Outside shooting: C

Inside shooting: C-

Rebounding: B-

Defense: D

Hustle: C+

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