Feb 042008
Authors: Chris Galis

Dave Cole knows what’s important.

He is a believer in the past and an even stronger believer in what it can teach and offer people of the here and now.

And it shows in his art collection.

The Impressions of Place exhibit, which recently opened in the Hatton Gallery, features art from Dave and Lily Cole’s personal collection of prints and cartography from their various trips abroad.

These prints, which will be on display through March 14, represent the works of highly recognized artists such as Durer, Rembrandt, William Blake and even the epic poet Homer.

The artistic range of the exhibit is vast, with early Christian prints depicting the Passion of Christ to frontier/pastoral lithographs and antique maps.

So what inspired Dave Cole to pick this particular medium as his passion? While traveling abroad with his wife, they came across prints and maps that were not only of artistic merit but also appealed to their interest in history and geography.

“They (the prints) capture events current to the artist’s life,” Dave Cole said. “This is especially the case with the antique maps: they represent man’s view of the world across many centuries of observation and conjecture. They will most likely be a new discovery to many visitors. Few are aware of these beautiful pieces, rich in historical content, myth and beauty.”

Among the approximately 40 pieces displayed, the maps stand out as most impressive. In particular, an antique map of the British Isles, complete with old English script, sailing ships and sea monsters. This is one of Dave Cole’s personal favorites.

Chris Jensen, a senior English literature major who works in the exhibit said, “I think its particular strength lies in its eclecticism – it offers a point of comparison between lesser know artists and the better known ones like Rembrandt.”

The exhibit is appropriately titled Impressions of Place for its abundance of historical perspective, and it’s broad scope of depictions.

“The visitor will find works of original art by wonderful artists spanning many centuries,” Dave Cole said.

The exhibition will be on display through March 14 in the Hatton Gallery in the Visual Arts building.

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