Yays and Nays

Feb 032008

Yay to Barack Obama for his inspirational speech to the crowd at the University of Denver last week. What can we say — the man’s a Barackstar.

Yay to George W. Bush’s final State of the Union address, in which he let all American’s know that the state of the union is strong. Unless you factor the economy. Or Iraq. Or border security. But don’t worry — the next guy (or gal) will take care of that stuff.

Nay to the subpoenaing of Pulitzer Prize-winner James Risen to reveal the confidential source for a chapter of his 2006 book on the CIA. What’s the matter guys, your secret wiretaps not working?

Nay to our plummeting economy. Huckabee needs to get his pal Chuck Norris to roundhouse-kick this recession. Stat.

Yay to new episodes of “Lost.” Finally, students have an alternative to Facebook for putting off their homework.

Yay to the Colorado Caucus — an event far less exciting than the Super Bowl and only marginally more exciting than a trip to the dentist. But seriously, go and make your voices heard.

Nay to winter. It’s cold, it’s dreary and it makes it really hard to get motivated for class. Can’t it be Spring Break already?

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