Feb 032008

John McCain

The Collegian Editorial Board endorses Sen. John McCain in his bid to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate.

Sen. McCain has both the experience and commitment necessary to lead our country and ensure our future.

As a veteran and former POW, McCain understands the plight of the men and women in our armed services and has the insight to guide our nation successfully through the War on Terror. In addition, his experience in Vietnam as a prisoner of the Hanoi Hilton put him a unique position to guide the nation as it grapples with the morality of new aggressive interrogation techniques.

McCain is also a man who is guided by his conscience, not his party affilition.

Twice, he has broken with party ranks during his tenure in Congress — once to combat money politics in Washington with the McCain-Feingold Act, and a second time to provide basic services to minors in the country illegally through the DREAM Act.

In an era where partisan politics often gets in the way of progress, McCain stands against the rancor of Washington politics, and will continue to do so if elected to the White House.

Barack Obama

He’s wooed us with his candor, charisma and subtle backhands to the political right.

He’s proved he is a serious contender for the Democratic ticket to the country that only months ago said he couldn’t do it. Despite what some have called a lack of political experience, he’s held his own and then some in his speeches, debates and policy defenses.

Barack Obama fever has motivated young political minds to organize and volunteer. An Obama campaign office says it all: Excitement.

And the young people at the Collegian are not impervious to the words of a candidate paralleled to Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy.

The experience card not withstanding, Obama and Hillary Clinton are nearly identical in policy.

All stops on the political spectrum are shouting change, but considering that the two same families have occupied the White House for two decades, the time for change is now.

Sorry, Hillary, we believe Obama’s change is better than your change.

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