Lubick declines office job

Jan 312008
Authors: Sean Star

The possibility of Sonny Lubick coming back to work for CSU ended Wednesday afternoon when the former coach gave a letter to athletic director Paul Kowalczyk indicating that Lubick has declined a fundraising position with the University, the athletic department confirmed Thursday.

The position was offered to Lubick as part of his contract, which had two years remaining when he was fired by Kowalczyk in November. After forcing out Lubick, Kolalczyk and Lubick agreed that the coach would make a decision by now.

According to Kowalczyk, the letter didn’t “say a whole lot.”

“(We) appreciate Sonny and what he’s done for the University,” Kowalczyk said Thursday. “I think that everyone agrees that Sonny is going to be part of the Ram family forever.”

Lubick last spoke to the Collegian Dec. 6, and said he “probably” would like to coach again, but that he was busy helping his old staff get new jobs.

Rams safety Klint Kubiak wasn’t surprised when he heard about Lubick’s decision.

“I know coach Lubick and the way he departed, and I know he wanted to coach another year so it doesn’t surprise me that he did that,” Kubiak said. “.He’s been coaching his whole life. This is a time maybe for him to step back and be with (wife) Carol Jo and his family.”

Rams linebacker Ricky Brewer said Lubick’s presence won’t soon be forgotten.

“Regardless of if he’s here physically, he’ll still be here in spirit,” Brewer said.

As Kubiak put it, “(Lubick)’s not going anywhere; the field is named after him.”

Though Lubick officially cut ties with the school Wednesday, it’s been almost a month since the team started transitioning to his replacement, Steve Fairchild.

Kubiak and Brewer said Fairchild and his staff wasted no time getting to work, taking a no-nonsense approach that refuses to hear excuses.

“I think coach Lubick was a little more laid back,” Brewer said. “But I think everybody’s bought into coach Fairchild’s approach. He’s a player’s coach by all means, but coming in here, he needed to establish a new environment.”

After Brewer returned to campus from winter break, he sat down with Fairchild one-on-one to briefly discuss the coaching change.

“We just talked about how things will be different in the sense that everyone will have to step away from their individuality,” Brewer said.

Kubiak said the new coaching staff hasn’t shied away from demanding a strong work ethic that includes the classroom.

“They’re pushing me harder than I’ve ever been pushed before,” he said.

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