Yays and Nays

Jan 272008

Yay to Ayuel Koch. This CSU student eluded a violent militia, fought crocodiles and now majors in business. This kid deserves an award.

Nay to Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their sickening bickering at the CNN Democratic Debate. You’re supposed to leave that stuff for the 527 groups //– didn’t you get the memo?

Yay to Rambo. Sylvester Stallone’s new flick inspired the editorial staff to “live for nothing or die for something,” and not the other way around.

Nay to CSU Men’s and Women’s Basketball. By not winning a single conference game, you’ve allowed yourself to become the John Edwards of the Mountain West.

Yay to The Ram Republic. Congratulations on printing another edition. But Chuck Norris? Are you serious?

Nay to Larry Penley. If the Board of Governors keeps him around much longer, they may succeed in eliminating all fun and tradition from the CSU campus.

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