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Authors: Erik Myers

Reverend John Brewer- followed by four young Southern Baptists- is low on funds, but high on love for presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. So much so, that Brewer sold his wedding ring for $150 on eBay, just so he could fuel a bus and bring his crew with him to Iowa from their home state of Kentucky. And it’s all in a show of support for the man they feel was chosen by God as the next president.

“We’ve driven this bus all around Iowa,” says David, who runs the team’s YouTube site: (http://youtube.com/profile?user=mtndewlover). “Everywhere we’ve gone, its been nothing but people waving. Its amazing to see the effect Mike Huckabee has had.”

These five ride the aptly titled “Huckabeast.” For the past two days, they’ve been following Huckabee from stops across Iowa: Ottumwa, Des Moines, and Fairfield.

For Carl, a 33-year-old college student at Boyce College, where he’s seeking a degree in youth ministry, Huckabee is the country’s only candidate that deserves consideration. He appreciates Huckabee and his strong stances on the moral issues (pro-life, the definition of marriage being between a man and a woman), but also truly appreciates Huckabee’s focuses on education and business.

“He wants to help move the disabled into the mainstream,” Carl said. “I’ve always been put in a type of a situation where I was in a disabled classroom; I was never really given a chance to make it in the mainstream, into college.”

Carl hopes the country will see their story of grassroots determination and be inspired to become more involved with politics.

“The biggest thing we can do is inspire other people,” Carl said. “If we can inspire people to (go to) the caucus, we’ve done our job.”

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