Dec 092007

To the guy who played the piano in the Commons on Saturday, you are AMAZING! Words can not describe how fantastic you are! You made our day!

To the person who stole my laptop at my party in Ram’s Village on Friday night: I hope your dog gets hit by a bus on Christmas Day.

Why is it that the one time I get a cute boy for a T.A. he’s married? Nick, you make History and Systems oh so special.

Dear Engineering Boys: You guys looked so handsome in your suits and ties during senior design. You might want to reconsider using birth control.

Single Rock Band Singer seeks lonely Guitar Hero Expert. We could make beautiful music together.

To the girl walking down Pitkin Street on Wednesday who I overheard bragging to her friend, “I can drive drunk like no other”: It’s because the “others” are dead! Keep making fantastic life choices like these and maybe someday you will be too!

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