Dec 062007
Authors: Elden T. Holldorf

A group of students put learning into practice Thursday as they orchestrated a fundraiser benefiting The Food Bank of Larimer County.

Students of SPCM 415 Rhetoric and Civility said they were compelled to do more than their share after reading an article in the local paper about food banks not having enough meal vouchers to meet the need for them.

“The class decided to do this,” said Professor Cindy Griffin, instructor of the class. “We were just going to donate money, but students suggested we go bigger than just this class.”

A cash drive was set up at The Flea Market outside the CSU Bookstore in the Lory Student Center from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The fundraiser was deemed a dollar drive because for every dollar donated to The Food Bank, they can purchase $10.20 worth of food.

“People can give just a little bit of what they have and they can make a huge difference in someone else’s life,” said Jeff Padilla, a junior Speech Communication major. “It really goes a long way”

In the hour and a half that the stand was set up, the class managed to collect just over $200, translating to over $2000 that The Food Bank can use to purchase food for families and individuals in need during the busy holiday season.

As opposed to a food drive, a cash drive allows The Food Bank to purchase food without overhead costs seen in places like grocery stores.

“For us, when we get cash donations, we can make your dollar go further and that means more food in our warehouse,” said Amy Pezanni, executive director of The Food Bank of Larimer County.

The class has been studying civility and how it applies to both everyday life and larger issues, such as poverty and discrimination.

“The ultimate civil act is helping another human being,” said Mary Roberts, a communication development graduate student.

The dollar drive stand will be set up on Friday as well, from noon to 2:30 p.m.

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