Ram Talk

Dec 062007
Authors: Compiled Jeremy Trujillo

To My Amazing Older Sister, Congratulations on graduating from college! I am so proud of you. I have certainly learned a lot from you that will help me get through college like: anything you find in the fridge can be made edible, especially week old macaroni with ketchup, and that it’s important to put aside distractions when studying-however football doesn’t count. But in all seriousness I idolize all that you have become and accomplished.

Love, Your Little Sister

P.S. Now you have something in RamTalk dedicated just to you!

I left my most prized possession in the chemistry building thursday during my 11 am class. It is my IPOD and Sony head phones! Music is my life and I am working in the music industry when i graduate…I would greatly appreciate if the person who found my IPOD would please turn it in to the lost and found. Thanks, Fellow Poor college student and music enthusiast.

To the girl that lives in the AV camp out that farts a lot and uses her hands to express herself. You always seem to make my day!

If anyone has found a laptop power cable in Clark C 238, please return it to the Foreign Language department’s office. $20 reward! (Very nice!)

To the guy I see typing a story in the Clark Building every now and then: Head to RamWeb – I bet there’s a spot in a Creative Writing course with your name on it.

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