Dec 042007
Authors: Ashley Emmons

Zeta, a sorority back to campus this year, hosted their Think Pink Dessert Party to fight breast cancer. And everyone there was thinking pink.

Every dime raised from the $6 admission fees will go to the association of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“We want to get Greek involvement and CSU involvement to help in our cause,” Pilcer said, a junior and speech communications major.

Attendees were encouraged to wear pink and there were desserts for everyone to enjoy in the color of the night, which has a long-standing tradition of representing breast cancer victims. There were pink cupcakes, pink Whoppers, pink lemonade, and pink yogurt.

Leah Pilcer, president of Zeta Tau Alpha, said that the expectation from people before the party was exciting.

“Everyone was just really excited to meet the new Zeta’s.” Pilcer said. “We had a lot of people on Facebook saying they would come and we were expecting a least 300.”

Christina Alpiger, a freshmen and health and exercise science major, said that she was impressed that so many guys showed up.

“I guess there really is no reason that they should not show up,” Alpiger said. “It’s a fund raiser and it supports a good cause.”

There was also a presentation about breast cancer along with tips about how to do a self exam and facts about breast cancer hung up along the walls in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon. The party was also a way for the CSU community to meet the new members of Zeta.

Maggie Fowler, freshmen apparel and merchandise major, said one of the reasons of hosting the party was to get students aware of the chapter’s philanthropy.

“We want to spread the word about breast cancer,” Fowler said. “We want to get others aware of breast cancer and to raise money to support breast cancer research.”

Mike Gurwin, a freshmen and sociology major with a concentration in criminology, said that he supports the cause.

“I came because it’s a good cause and I want to support my friend who is in Zeta,” Gurwin said. “Also my grandma died of breast cancer so it’s really important to me to support the cause.”

Pink attire was encouraged to help support breast cancer. All of the Zeta members were wearing a pink shirt that said “Think Pink” on the front and “How sweet it is to be a Zeta” with a cupcake on the back. Along with the pink shirts pink ribbons were handed out to everyone.

“Zeta has already made a name for themselves,” Houghton said. “But the more they do the better they will be.”

Zeta left the campus five years ago for its own reasons and decided this year to rejoin CSU.

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