Parking changes a bad move

Dec 032007
Authors: Billy Richards

As a student of the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance, I cannot help but question CSU Parking Service’s decision to change the University Center for the Arts parking lot from free to so-called “general use.”

This decision effectively now requires a parking permit for the right to park legally in a lot which has, in years past, been free to use.

There are many reasons for which this is, in my book, a bad decision.

For one, the UCA is somewhat detached from the central campus, and any alternative transportation is often times impossible.

I myself am usually a bicycle commuter, but this becomes impossible when I am responsible for bringing to rehearsal both a 50+ pound instrument and a large variety of sheet music.

As another alternative, Transfort currently has no bus lines that are in close enough proximity to the UCA to make it a feasible option.

Because of this move, many will be forced to park in the neighborhoods near campus.

It is disrespectful to the surrounding neighborhood to congest their streets with parking that has been displaced due to the change in lot signage. As a public institution of higher education, CSU must always consider its impact and influence on the surrounding community.

Creating this nuisance and burden for the neighborhood surrounding the UCA is irresponsible, since it is clearly not the student’s choice to be displaced from the previously free lot.

It is unreasonable to expect every student of music, theatre or dance to purchase a $100-plus parking pass simply for the right to commute to rehearsal safely, effectively and efficiently.

This decision is not only a burden on the students and neighborhood of the UCA, but also of the CSU Police dept.

This lot will now require more patrolling manpower, possibly even more than other lots across campus, for the reluctance of the students to relinquish the lot and park elsewhere.

This manpower that could well be used to the benefit of CSU better than to uphold a (very recent, mind you) change which, as I have stated, is not even in the institution’s own best interest.

I myself have been recently summoned for a $30 parking violation for parking in this very lot during rehearsal. I will pay this summons in full, not in admittance to guilt, but as a token of good will and in hopes of establishing an open communication with CSU Parking Services.

Billy Richards is a sophomore music

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