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Authors: Jeff Dillon

In the days since Sonny Lubick was fired, hundreds of Ram fans have expressed their sadness over losing the best football coach in CSU history.

Now fans with the loss-of-Lubick blues can express those feelings through song.

Local band TVS and two fingers, who have been performing in Fort Collins since 1996, recorded a song called “Sonny Lubick’s Last Game” just days after the team’s season-sending win over Wyoming in the annual Border War, Nov. 23.

Tim Van Schmidt, the band’s lead singer and writer of the song, said he has been a CSU football fan for a decade and wanted to do his part in honoring the legendary coach.

“I wanted to write a tribute to Sonny,” the 51-year-old said. “There were so many great tributes to him, but they were all kind of the same one. I couldn’t let this pass without trying to do something a little different.”

So Van Schmidt, who has lived in Fort Collins since 1980, sat down and began concocting a musical ode to CSU’s most accomplished head coach.

The song is currently available for free download at the band’s Web site,

Van Schmidt said he was initially inspired to write the song after he read all of the tributes to Lubick’s career in local and national newspapers, including the Collegian.

“That’s what really got me going,” he said.

Van Schmidt said the three-minute-long tune began as a poem in the vain of the classic sports poem “Casey at bat,” but he realized it needed music.

“At first I thought I wanted it to be country (music), just because of the area we live in,” he said. “But I realized that blues was the perfect fit. A lot of Ram fans have the blues right now, and I’m one of them.”

The song was recorded later that night with the rest of his band, Mark Rosoff and Dave Zekman.

On Friday, Van Schmidt sent the song to KCSU. He said he heard the song being played on the station within an hour.

KCSU DJ Matt Garcia said he played the song at about 2:45 on Friday afternoon.

“It got some comments from people who were like, “Yeah! That’s a great song!” Garcia said. “The song itself isn’t that great of a song necessarily, but it’s kind of what music should be. It’s heartfelt.”

Rosoff, 57, said he thinks the song captures the feeling all fans had after finding out Lubick was on his way out.

“It’s really interesting, people who are not normally opinionated about sports are pretty upset about this,” Rosoff said. “What I like about the song is that (Van Schmidt) didn’t gloss over much. It has a little bit of a bite to it, which makes it good.”

Van Schmidt said he understands the “business” decision made by athletic director Paul Kowalczyk to remove Lubick, but he still feels that it is a major loss for Fort Collins.

“Sonny Lubick has not just been a favorite on campus but in the whole community,” he said. “It wasn’t hard to sit down and write a song about him.”

Van Schmidt said TVS and two fingers, which specializes in “performance poetry,” which combines poetry and nontraditional music, is planning on playing the song at local gigs beginning early next year.

The song mourns the end of the Lubick era, saying that on that final day of the

season at Hughes Stadium, the Rams “won the War, but lost their soul.”

“This was a guy, who made the country ask why, they’re so good out in Fort Collins,” the song continues. “This was a man, who made a heckuva stand.and now he’s gone.”

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