Nov 292007

This Saturday is World Aids Day, and CSU is hosting many events to promote awareness among college students.

There are an estimated 33.2 million people living with HIV in the world; this day has been dedicated to them since 1988, alongside the estimated 2.1 million people who have died from AIDS.

At this university there is free testing in the health center today and vigil in remembrance of all of the lives lost in Colorado due to AIDS tonight at 6 p.m. in the Sunken Lounge. Last night was the first Condom Concoction Competition to promote various forms of contraception.

Another event happening on campus for World AIDS Day is called A Day Without Art. This is a national campaign that began in New York in 1989 to mourn the deaths due to AIDS. On this day, art galleries close their doors, theaters remain silent and hanging art is covered with black cloth.

CSU is participating in A Day Without Art by covering all of the paintings and art pieces in the LSC and the art buildings in black.

As you walk by the covered art throughout campus, think not only about the beauty that is missing, but also about the lives that are lost.

And, please, take advantage of the Northern Colorado Aids Project’s HIV testing in the health center. It’s free and it’s anonymous, so go.

And as always, remember to use a condom if you choose to have sex. Sure, stopping in the moment to fumble through drawers, frantically trying to rip through the package is inconvenient and far from romantic. But the “I have HIV” conversation will definitely kill the mood.

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