Nov 292007
Authors: Edie Adams

For some students, safe sex is simply a matter of “No glove, no love.”

It was the slogan of the first annual Condom Concoction Competition, which took place in the Cherokee Ballroom Thursday night. The demonstration kicked off a series of events this week that commemorate World AIDS Day, which takes place tomorrow.

The Condom Concoction Competition showcased sculptures created by students and organizations around campus, grouped into three categories: clothing, accessories, and visual art. Some sculptures sported witty puns, like “Condominium” and “Condoments”.

Others were simply creations, like the Eiffel Tower, which stood almost 3 feet high. Several prizes were awarded, which included gift certificates to the CSU Bookstore, free meals at local restaurants, and a $100 travel voucher.

The evening offered several other activities to promote awareness. At one particular table, spectators attempted putting condoms on bananas or a wooden penis model, wearing “drunk goggles” while a coordinator quizzed them on the step-by-step checklist of proper procedure.

AIDS displays lined the walls, and a table in the middle of the room featured a big red ribbon, covered in red condoms, with baskets of free condoms and small red ribbons for the taking.

Laura KinCannon, a freshman Spanish major, and her friend Carrie Reilly, a freshman Open Option major, stumbled upon a flyer for the contest while making a visit to the Wellness Zone in the Lory Student Center.

“We go there every Friday to see the free stuff they have,” KinCannon said.

They decided to enter for fun-and for the prizes. They grabbed some free condoms for the contest, and set to work.

“At first, we were going to do suspenders, and then we thought, hey, what about a stoplight?” Reilly said.

The result of their efforts, a “stoplight” dress, showed off three circles of red, yellow, and green condoms framed in a black rectangle.

This competition was a part of a series of events leading up to World AIDS Day.

“The competition is a creative outlet, but it is also meant to bring awareness to safer sex practices, HIV/AIDS and STIs,” said Shauna DeLuca, the leader of the World AIDS Day group.

Although World AIDS Day is tomorrow, most of the activities at CSU are taking place today. “A Day Without Art” is being recognized in buildings on campus, a tradition that was started in 1988 by arts professionals across the country.

“So many people in the art community had died from this disease that they wanted to make the world aware of it. What would the world be like without any art?” said Kalert.

Other events are taking place in the Lory Student center all day. From 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Wellness Zone, students can go in for a free and confidential HIV test, receiving their results in about 10 minutes.

At 6 p.m. in the Sunken Art Lounge, local speakers and students will discuss the impact AIDS has had in the local and global community. This will be immediately followed by a candlelit vigil outside.

At 7:30 p.m. in the LSC Theatre, “A Closer Walk” will be screened. The film examines the struggle against AIDS through personal interviews with victims of the diseases in countries all over the world.

Students who wish to know more about HIV/AIDS can find information all around campus, including Hartshorn Health Center, the Wellness Zone, and the GLBT office.

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Clothing: “Dress” by Laura KinCannon and Carrie Reilly

Visual Art, 1st place: “Eiffel Tower” by STA Travel

Accessories, 1st place: “Earrings/Necklace” by Martha Denney

Most Creative: “Picnic” by The Wellness Zone

Most Original: “Mobile” by GLBTSS

Best Overall: “CSU Ram” by Tim LeBlanc

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